4th International Symposium on
Atomic Level Characterizations
for New Materials and Devices

sponsored by The 141st Committee on Microbeam Analysis of Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS)

The Radisson Kauai Beach Resort, Kauai, Hawaii, U.S.A.
October 05 (Sun) to Oct. 10 (Fri), 2003

Final Program

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Update Information

Important Information


  About ALC

The series of international symposia entitled "Atomic Level Characterizations (ALC)" commenced in 1996 with the event in Kyoto, Japan under the auspices of the 141st Committee on Microbeam Analysis of Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS). The ALC symposia focus on practical applications of the atomic level characterization of new materials and devices. Applications of and instrumentation for various analytical techniques for surface and interface analysis are therefore within the scope of these symposia, leading to the possibility of stimulating discussion among researchers who are intimately involved with analysis by different probe methods. The fundamental problems to be solved for further development of the atomic level characterization of materials are also covered, including theoretical and simulational approaches to this science.
The 2nd ALC symposium was held in Maui, Hawaii in 1997, after which the 3rd symposium was held in Nara, Japan in 2001. The 4th symposium (ALC'03) is planned to be held again in Hawaii for convenience to researchers who will be attending the symposium from all parts of the world.

  Venue and Date

ALC'03 will be held at the Radisson Kauai Beach Resort, Kauai, Hawaii, U.S.A., from October 05 (Sun) to October10 (Fri), 2003, with the support of the 141st Committee on Microbeam Analysis of Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS). Kauai is called "The Garden Isle" and is blessed with some of the most breathtaking landscapes and sights that Hawaii can offer.

  Scope and Scientific Program

The topical subjects are as follows.

1. Fundamental Phenomena

- Electron/ Ion-solid Interaction
- Emission Phenomena of Light, Electrons and Ions

2. Characterization by Electrons/Ions/Infrared light/Ultraviolet light/X-rays


3. Imaging Techniques

- Holography

4. Application for Nanotechnology

- Characterization of Nanowires/Nanodots
- Semiconductor/ Metals /Insulators
- Organic/ Inorganic/ Biological materials

5. Special Sessions

- Coherent Electron Beam
- Photoelectron Diffraction & Holography
- 50 Years Anniversary of Bi-Prism

6. Tutorial Sessions

7. Workshops

The program consists of
invited lectures and contributed (oral and poster) papers.

Preliminary Program


The official language of the symposium is English.


The symposium site (Radisson Kauai Beach Resort) is located less than 5 miles (7 minutes) from Lihue Airport, just a 20-minute flight from Honolulu, and is a top resort destination. It is in the most convenient central location with a free shuttle service to the airport, and is within three miles of the luxury ocean-front property surrounded by exotic lagoons and waterfalls with enchanting native foliage.


All participants will be accommodated at the Radisson Kauai Beach Resort. Three classes of guest room are available at the following prices per room per night (not including breakfast):

Mountain Garden $100.00
Pool view $110.00
Ocean view $125.00

All rates are subject to 11.416 % Hawaii State tax. These quoted rates will be in force from 4 days before to 4 days after the period of the symposium, based on availability. The hotel charge should be paid directly to the hotel by each participant.

For making a reservation, please download and print out a "Hotel Reservation Form" (PDF format), and fill in the form, then FAX it to the hotel.

DEADLINE: Final day for reservation is: July 18, 2003.

From the Airport to Radison Kauai Beach Resort

Radison Kauai Beach Resort, the symposium hotel, offers you shuttle service from the Lihue Airport.. You will find a phone board just outside of baggage claim at the State of Hawaii information booth. Pick up the phone, touch the button next to Radisson Kauai, the phone connects caller to hotel. The staff will ask for baggage claim area and send van to pick up the caller.

Since the hotel uses 12 passenger vans for the shuttle service, it may take some time to get them here if several people arrive on the same flight. Taxi's are only $10 to the hotel per cab so people traveling together may find that a conveient alternative.


The "Garden Island" of Kauai is the furthest north of Hawaii's main islands, making it slightly cooler than the others. The typical summer daytime high is in the range of 28.9-30.6 �C, the nighttime low is typically 21.1-22.2 �C, and the fall temperatures are only slightly different from those in the summer.

International Advisory Committee Organizing Committee Executive Committee
Y. Nihei (Chair)
E. Bauer
C. S. Fadley
W. Heiland
M. Hibino
H. Ibach
T. Ichinokawa
A. Lucas
S. Maruse
H. Rose
R. Shimizu
G. A. Somorjai
D. B. Williams
T. Koshikawa (Chair)
M. Aono
M. Asari
K. Goto
M. Hashimoto
M. Hibino
Y. Homma
A. Ichimiya
S. Ichimura
J. Kawai
H. Kobayashi
K. Morita
S. Morita
H. Neddermeyer
Y. Nihei
K. Oura
C. Oshima
R. Shimizu
W.-D. Schneider
H. Tokumoto
P. Varga
J. F. Watts
S. Ichimura (Chair)
T.Yasue (Secretary)
T. Sakamoto (Secretary)
F. Akinaga
M. Doi
K. Dohmae
S. Fukushima
Y. Goto
S. Hayashi
Y. Hayashi
R. Iiyoshi
H. Ishii
N. Makiishi
K. Tsukamoto
R. Oiwa (Vice-Chair)
K. Abe
N. Niwa
Y. Sakai
A. Karen
K. Shingu
K. Obori

Program Committee Publication Committee  
J. Kawai (Chair)
Y. Bando
S. Hashimoto
T. Hirayama
T. Kohno
T. Koshikawa
M. Kudo
C. Oshima
M. Owari
S. Suzuki
K. Takaya
Y. Takai
K. Tsuji
K. Umemura
M. O. Watanabe
Y. Homma (Chair)
Y. Okamoto
R. Shimizu
M. Suzuki
H. Yurimoto
  Important Dates
  2nd Announcement and Call for Paper (only on this Web site)   April 21, 2003
  Abstract Deadline   June 9, 2003
  Final Announcement and Preliminary Program   July 1, 2003
  Hotel Reservation   July 18, 2003
  Advance Registration   August 15, 2003
  Manuscript Deadline   September 20, 2003

  For More Information

  Dr. Tsuneo YASUE
Secretary of ALC'03
Osaka Electro-Communication University
18-8 Hatsu-cho, Neyagawa, Osaka 572-8530, Japan
Tel : +81-72-824-1131
Fax: +81-72-825-4590
URL: http://momiji.esc.u-tokyo.ac.jp/alc