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October 20 (Sun) – 25 (Fri), 2019
Miyako Messe, Kyoto JAPAN

Call for Post-deadline Papers

Post-deadline papers reporting the latest and significant work related to atomic level characterizations can be accepted for presentation. The deadline of the application is shown below. The formats of the abstract and proceeding are the same as those for the regular submission. Please refer to the subsection [New Application] below. Acceptance of post-deadline papers will be notified by September 18.

September 15th (Sun), 2019

Call for Papers

We encourage the submission of papers describing work related to the symposium topics. Each contributor should submit a talk title, brief abstract (text only, within 150 words) and contact information via the ALC'19 web site by an application deadline shown below. The program committee will make a decision to accept or reject titles by Aug 2nd, 2019, and the decision will be announced by e-mail to each author. The submitted brief abstract will be appeared on a program book.

All accepted authors are then required to submit 2-6 pages of camera-ready manuscripts for the proceedings. Authors submitting no manuscript for proceedings will be judged to have withdrawn their papers. The book of proceedings is not a publication. The books (or its PDF data) are handed out at the registration desk only to the participants. See “Proceedings” page for details of preparation and submission of manuscript for proceedings.

Accepted authors can also submit papers to journals with peer review (see “Journals” page).

Students can apply to the student awards. Non-students can apply to the travel support for young scientists. In addition, everyone can apply to the excellent presentation awards. See “Student Awards”, “Support for Young Scientists”, and “Excellent Presentation Awards” pages for detailed instructions.

Abstract Deadline
(for Regular Papers)

The abstract submission deadline has been extended to
May 31st (Fri), 2019

Abstract Submission

New Application

If you are new to submit an abstract, enter your e-mail address and click the button below. An e-mail which inditaces a link to the submission site will send within minutes. Please follow instructions in the e-mail. When submitting multiple abstracts, it is necessary to obtain an application ID for each abstract. If multiple requests have been made, only the last accepted one is valid, so when making multiple posts, please make a new request after the first post is complete.

Please make sure that the e-mail from the secretariat [] is not judged as a junk mail by your e-mail software. In rare cases, automatic sending mail may be rejected by the receiving server. If you do not receive an automatic reply and are not classified as spam, ask your mail server administrator if the “” domain and/or “” domain are not filtered out. Another workaround is to use email addresses from other domains, such as gmail etc. This e-mail address is only for communication between the secretariat and the speaker, and will not be public, so it does not have to be in your organization.

Your e-mail:

Revise Submitted Abstract

To revise the submitted abstract, put your application ID number, e-mail address and the registered password, then click on the [Revise Abstract] button below.

Revisions of the submitted information should be made before the abstract deadline. Revisions sent after the deadline will be ignored.

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